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2020 Alter Schwede(r) Sauvignac

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Item Number: BA_SCH20
Producer: Weingut Schweder

Are you curious and want to discover something new? Then you should try this wine! It is made from the astonishing new grape variety Sauvignac or as it is formally named VB CAL. 6-04. It is a new breeding between Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and an unknown variety that is resistant to diseases and frost. It is hence called a “disease resistant” vine, meaning that is can thrive almost without any pesticide.

The Schwed(er) Sauvignac BASF exclusive is produced by the family winery Schweder in Hochstadt in southern Palatinate. Their range of Sauvignac also includes a rosé and a red, which are all straightforward, fruity wines, that are just fun to enjoy. We think that the taste of Sauvignac is definitely worth a try. On the nose it is reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc with some green and tropical aromas, whereas in the mouth it shows the strength and vivid acidity of Riesling.

“Alter Schwede” is used as a term of surprise in Germany.

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